Ergonomie für Designer


Historical outline of anthropometry (Egypt, Vitruvius, Renaissance, da Vinci, Dürer, Le Corbusier and others), measuring technique and application (serial measurements, body scanning, measurement tables, percentiles, application ...)

Motion analyses

Muybridge, Marey, motography ..., motion capture, use in CAD design techniques)

Design methods

Tables, templates, outline templates, CAD techniques / Anthropos, RAMSIS, unconventional methods (projection)


Role of sitting in society, fundamentals of seat design, alternative seating concepts)

Man-machine system

Operating elements: theory of man-machine systems, types of grip, operating elements, keyboards, touchscreens, alternative input media

Man-machine system

Displays: analog displays, digital displays, area displays, head-up displays, display systems based on piloting and cockpit design

The aim of the seminar is not so much to convey factual knowledge, but to make students aware of interrelationships, linked to the ability to make the right decisions in design assignments and, if necessary, make use of scientific equipment.