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Basics of Typography and Layout

The course covers basic knowledge and skills for typography and layout in print media using analog and digital tools. In the first semester, the course covers aspects of typeface development as well as letter and typesetting parameters. The basic course focuses on readings and their typographic elaboration in, for example, daily newspapers, while the main course deals with arrangement formats and dynamics for text and images on single and double pages, grids and page dramaturgy. Each course offers both pre-set units of study and the opportunity for individual immersion, with the main semester courses placing more demands on individual engagement, exploration, and purposeful experimentation. All courses run throughout the semester; the dtp1- course is an elective for communication design students. 

Basic Studies

1./2. Semester


dtp1 / Electronic Publishing I

The course teaches basic microtypografie skills using analog and digital tools. The focus is on the letterform in relation to its writing technique.

Certificate of achievement

multi-page A5 brochure as documentation of the assigned exercises; regular attendance.

Typo1 1

Dtp1 results

3./4. Semester


dtp2 / Electronic Publishing II

The course imparts knowledge of reading typography for typesetting and layout in multi-page print objects. The focus is on the examination of text types and their different typographic elaboration as well as their design parameters in the context of other texts on the single and double page.

Certificate of achievement

project-related work results, regular participation.

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Daily newspaper concept for the film "Original, Adaption, (Ver-)Fälschung" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary: of the Goethe University Frankfurt 

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Main study

5.+ Semester


dtp3 / Electronic Publishing III

This course provides in-depth knowledge and skills for typesetting and layout in multi-page print objects. The focus is on examining the parameters of corporate design in magazine design as well as the arrangement dynamics of their text-image combinations.


Intermediate diploma

Proof of achievement

Development of an independent article with text, illustration and/or photo concept, tables, infographics, etc. over three double-page spreads, regular course attendance.

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Additional offers (without certificate or only on request)

Illustrator and Photoshop course

The course offerings provide an overview of basic techniques and functions in the respective programs, the creation of simple to more complex infographics and/or image montages, and independent experimental use of software tools.


in winter semester none, in summer semester advanced only.

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Illustration concepts

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