Digital Design

Student Assistants

Paul Böttcher

Mira Marlen Krämer

Digital products and applications play an increasingly important role in our lives and are becoming indispensable tools both at home and at work. Digital products shape our daily dealings and change our behavioral patterns. We are and will be networked with a large number of products and systems. The digital transformation connects previously independent design disciplines and products. Communication, media and tools become one on our digital platforms.

In our globally networked world, the term “accessibility” takes on a completely new meaning, e.g. accessibility of information, accessibility through reduced barriers such as distance, culture and language or always being “reachable”. That is why digital design has the responsible task of enabling people to access and use digital systems in a free, secure, equal and self-determined manner, and to take a critical look at digital products and systems.

This interdisciplinary and disciplinary teaching and research area specializes in digital products, systems and processes, as well as interactive interfaces and spaces. Students learn digital design methods and strategies to design meaningful and intelligent products and models for 2D, 3D and 4D areas of application. Digital technologies and techniques (e.g. coding and sensors) and digital interaction and design principles are conveyed on the basis of practical project and research work.

What ist Digital Design?

Digital design is focused on the creation and development of digital products and digital practices. The description of “Digital” is that of an electronic technology that generates, stores and processes data. Hence digitality is directly or indirectly linked to data, the core of every digital product.

Digital practices describe the interaction of people, data and ‘things”, hence the interactions of human to machine, machine to human, machine to machine or even human to human via digital medium.

Digital products can therefor be seen as translators/transmitters between the digital and physical world.