Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics (DML)


The Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics (DML) was founded in 2014 in the Design Faculty of HfG as a logical consequence of numerous individual projects, seminars and symposiums over the past few years to build a framework for mobility and logistics at HfG Offenbach.

The DML is also the interface to the House of Logistics and Mobility (HoLM) in Frankfurt’s Gateway Gardens district, which is right next to the airport. Since 2014 more than a dozen universities and just as many companies have been working at HoLM on research into and the development of mobility and logistics topics. The DML of HfG has rooms of its own there for research assistants, students and doctoral students.

The DML is engaged in publicly sponsored innovation projects and third-party funded projects for companies and institutions. Design work for mobility, logistics and aviation embraces all aspects of design, visualisation and design research. DML is targeting inclusion in long-term multi-disciplinary research projects in cooperation with other universities as well as spur-of-the-moment interaction with the movers and shakers in these sectors.


LOEWE-research cluster infrastructure – design – society (IDG) research project ""

Teaching Area

Integrated Design

Georg-Christof Bertsch

T +49 (0)171-7001645

Co-founder and consultant of the dml 

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4 years ago

The future lies in new forms of mobility: Instead of owning a car it will be easy to use a host of different forms of transport. Mobility will become a service and will tend to be perceived not as an object and more as an intangible event. In future, digital and platform-based...

Deutscher mobilitaetskongress
9 years ago

German Mobility Congress

On 12 November, 2014, Prof. Peter Eckart is giving a talk at the German Mobiity Congress.