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Photo: Jakob Diekmann

Leon Etienne Kühr

Research Associate

Co-Lead AI Lab
Westflügel, Raum 307

Mattis Kuhn

Research Associate

Co-Lead  AI Lab

Westflügel, Raum 307​

Johanna Teresa Wallenborn

Research Associate
Algorithms in Context

T +49 (0)69.800 59-220

The AI Lab forms part of the Electronic Media teaching area. It supports students in developing Deep Learning algorithms adapted to their aesthetic ideas and/or integrating already existing data sets and trained models into their artistic practice.

Deep Learning is the branch of AI research that uses so-called 'Deep Neural Networks' to find significant patterns automatically. These networks enable, among other things, the autonomous navigation of vehicles, they beat the best human players in popular board/computer games and already produce almost photorealistic portraits of non-existent persons. Their versatility implies a largely unexplored potential for generative art, AI-assisted creative work processes, automation, and human-machine interaction.

The AI Lab is a forum for reflecting on the implications of technology for society and artistic creation. Building a solid basic understanding of the workings of current algorithms is intended to lay the foundation for fostering a mature engagement with the subject area.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the joint project "KITeGG KI greifbar machen und begreifen: Technologie und Gesellschaft verbinden durch Gestaltung (Making AI tangible and understandable: Connecting technology and society through design)". Further information


Student work

Malik arbab   birdsky   2022

Malik Arbab, 2022

Max kreis   dorminxvii 1   2022


Max Kreis, 2022

Max kreis   seed 2001   2022


Max Kreis, 2022

Malik arbab   chromemagivy   2022


Malik Arbab, 2022