19 June 2015


06:00 PM, Zollamt Gallery

We invite you to an evening with the students of the Institut für Klangforschung, who will present you with an immersive, intimate, surround-sound performance experience which they have collaboratively scored with instructor Derek Holzer, using their newly-made SoundBox instruments. Drinks will be served. SoundBoxes are small, primitive electro-acoustic instruments built from a wooden box, a speaker, a small audio amplifier, a distortion circuit and a contact microphone. From sharp crackles and tones to delicate textures and drones, there just about as many ways to play a SoundBox as there are people who have built one.

Soundboxes konzert

19 June 2015, 6 - 8 pm

Institut für Klangforschung 

Zollamt Studios

Frankfurter Str. 91

Offenbach am Main