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Simon Reynolds

Roots and Phuture: UK Rave and the Hardcore Continuum

In this video-illustrated talk, Simon Reynolds takes you on a lightning-speed trip through the history of British rave culture. Starting with the arrival of imported acid house in the late 1980s, he traces the series of homegrown mutant forms of UK dance that emerged all through the Nineties and into the 21st Century: bleep, hardcore, jungle, 2step, grime, dubstep, and more. As well as celebrating the strange and thrilling musical hybrids that make up what he calls „the hardcore continuum“, Reynolds looks at its subultural infrastructure and its non-sonic aspects: pirate radio and MCs, record artwork and rave flyers, crowd rituals and dance styles, street fashion and slang. 

Rarely overtly political, this multiracial movement constitutes a kind of opposition party to those insular, regressive tendencies in the UK that would reach catastrophic fruition with Brexit. From jungle to UK garage, the hardcore continuum has represented an alternative Britain – outward-facing, forward-looking, pulsating with possibility.  

Simon Reynolds is the author of the rave history Energy Flash and co-author (with Joy Press) of The Sex Revolts: Gender, Rebellion and Rock’n’Roll, due for January 2020 publication by Ventil Verlag. His other books include Rip It Up And Start Again - Schmeiß alles hin und fang neu an (Postpunk 1978-1984), Retromania: Warum Pop nicht von seiner Vergangenheit lassen kann, and Glam: Glitter Rock und Art Pop von den Siebzigern bis ins 21. Jahrhundert.  A collection of Reynolds’s writings about  electronic music, Futuromania, is set for 2021 publication by Ventil Verlag. A freelance contributor to The Guardian, Pitchfork, and The Wire, Reynolds also operates a number of blogs centred around the hub Blissblog

Born in London UK, Simon Reynolds currently lives in Los Angeles.

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In Kooperation mit Heiner Blum und Patrick Raddatz von der Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach präsentiert Robert Johnson Theorie in lockerer Folge prominente, fachkundige Gäste - Soundspezialisten, Musiker, Autoren, DJs - mit Vorträgen zum Thema Clubkultur, Produktion und Rezeption elektronischer Musik. Die Veranstaltungen finden jeweils zwei Stunden vor der normalen Cluböffnung statt und gehen dann fließend in die Clubnacht über. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos.

16. November 2019, 22 Uhr (pünktlich) ​
Doors: 21:45 Uhr

Robert Johnson Offenbach
Nordring 131, Offenbach


1 November 2014 until 28 February 2020
28 February 2020 Friday

09:00 PM
Suzanne ciani
1 February 2020 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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11 January 2020 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Italo disco
14 December 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 72

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Oliver hafenbauer by press
26 October 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 70

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Levon laying hi  credits to sophia drevenstam
8 June 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 69

Robert Johnson
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13 April 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 66

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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3 February 2018 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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27 May 2017 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 49

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Header colin self
11 July 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 34

08:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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20 June 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 33

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
John carpenter 1981
23 May 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 32

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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28 March 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 31

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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28 February 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 30

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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24 January 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 29

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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1 November 2014 Saturday
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